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Japanese-style Banno broth:
Happoji (Banno seasoning for Japanese cuisine can be used in anything from Nimono, ohitashi, or seasoning sauces.
(Our product suggestion: Washoku no Katsuo (Bonito) . 8 parts soup base (water with 3–4% bonito powder), 1 part mirin, 1 part soy sauce; bring to a boil until mirin is reduced.* Depending on the food, the amount of mirin can be reduced or soy sauce changed to get different variations.‚
Broth for mori soba (Cold Soba-noodle Soup)
(Our suggested product: Bincho jikabiyaki honsetsu [special charcoal dried bonita flakes])Heat 1 part roux (Hon Kaeshi) (dark soy sauce, mirin, sugar heated) mixed with 3–4 parts broth [dashi] (water with 7–8% bonito or shaved flakes), cool and serve.
Kake sauce for Soba (Hot Soba-Noodle Soup)
(Our suggested product: Dashikatsu GS)Heat 1 part roux (Hon Kaeshi) (dark soy sauce, mirin, sugar heated) mixed with 9–10 parts broth [dashi] (water with 3–4% bonita or shaved flakes), cool and serve.
Udon broth (Udon-Noodle Soup)
(Our suggested product: Kombu, thickly shaved dried sardines, Sanuki Gold, Dashi Pack KKGS)A. Kake sauce (heated broth): bring to a boil 8 parts broth (water with 3–4% dried food), 1 part soy sauce, 0.5 parts mirin.B. Mori broth (cold): bring to a boil 6 parts broth (water with 3–4% dried food), 1 part soy sauce, 1 part mirin; let cool slightly and serve.…

Gyokai(Seafood base) ramen soup
(Our suggested product: Niboshi N, CR Kongo Atsukezuri)Combine meat-based soup (chicken, pork, potherbs) with 3–4% dried small sardines or sea slugs, and dried shaved mackerel.Simmer for 30 minutes to 1 hour.Mix 1 part shoyu–dare (soy sauce heated with pork) with 10 parts soup. If using with cold noodles, thicken by changing the ratio of meat or seafood to soup to 1:4.

How to play the soup ( broth ).

Typically, dashi is made by adding bonito flakes (or dried sardines)
to boiling water,turning it off after a reasonable time, and then straining it through
a fine filter such as kitchen paper or cloth.For a strongly flavored dashi, 8-10%
(80 to 100 grams per liter) should be used,or for a lighter flavor 4-6%.
We recommend the following boiling times: for thick bonito flakes, 10 minutes;
for powdered bonito, 5 minutes. (Dashi made from thicker bonito takes longer to make,
but also has a richer flavor and greater stability).

If using dried sardines, please boil for 40 minutes.
Kelp should be soaked overnight and not heated.
Please follow these guidelines when making dashi from our products.

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